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Went into the ER with pain. First the ER people didn't believe my pain and left me to wait many many hours while I vomited violently from the pain.

Finally, a doctor saw me and I was moved into my own room.

They gave me an ultrasound and said it was inconclusive.... then they said they were going to remove my gallbladder. I didn't want to do the surgery!

They sent in this heavy set lady that told me I could die if I didn't have the surgery. She went on and on talking about all the horrible things that would happen if I didn't get the surgery.

She did enough to scare my husband and I into reluctantly agreeing to the surgery.

The told my husband it was routine. They told my husband that he would only have to wait 30 minutes. I left my husband waiting in the room and took me to surgery. The person pushing me to the OR got lost along the way. They had complications with the surgery. Apparently through their negligence my gallbladder burst. The surgery took over two hours. Nobody even took the time to update my husband. Here I am more than 10 weeks later after more than three courses of anabiotics... and I am still not well. This was an unnecessary surgery! The pain that I went in for originally is still there. Now I have all this other pain from the surgery that they definitely did improperly. And to make matters worse, I now have this huge bill. Did I mention that I don't have a job. My husband's insurance only covers so much. They expect me to make Huge $225 monthly payments....

I DONT HAVE A JOB! How can I work when this surgery almost crippled me! I can't even pick up a gallon of milk because of the pain!! The nurses are not nice. The doctors are incompetent. And everybody in the billing department... well, let's just say I hope you have the same fate that you gave me.

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