I've been going to Mayo for all my med needs since moving to FL almost 2 years ago.

In general, I have NO complaints about the medical care I've gotten.

However, the ability to make appointments, talk to someone about issues...... customer and admin services in general are pathetic. They are, among other things, too reliant on computers and have too many "layers" of staff between patient and doctors.

With hesitation, given overall quality of med services in my area, to go elsewhere but my frustration with Mayo is growing. Sad

As an example, I was reently told I needed a minor surgical procedure but it was conveyed there was some urgency to the matter; could wait months. I was told to expect a call "shortly" to schedule the surgery. A week later, no call. When I called in to enquire I was simply told to be patient, the nurses were "very busy". Waited two more days; still no call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Palm Coast, Florida

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Whatever you do, don’t complain. I did, and the Mayo tossed me out on my ear.

I moved here because I need the Mayo’s services. I wrote to the CEO, not exactly complaining, but rather suggesting improvement for all of us, got called in my bed while mostly asleep and got roundly chewed out by someone I never met from patient experience. When I realized she was from patient experience, which you should not confuse as a euphemism for complaints, I thought I could tell her I could write to anyone, first amendment rights as an American Citizen, then she started picking at me about one of the issues I brought up and since she was from patient experience, theoretically the complaint office, I said the one doc was a jerk and I said that the hospital had become money grubbing. Within a week, I was fired as a patient from the Mayo.

There is no appeals process. There was no rancor between me and any doctor or nurse.

I’ve lost my healthcare for complaining without being aggressive, to a complaint officer I didn’t contact, who contacted me in my bed at home. Buyer beware.


I agree, mayo rochester is just as bad or worse, there admin and billing insurance and follow up is horriable!! had an issue with BCBS they mayo washed there hands of it, I had to fix it and in the interm period the refused me medical care now they want a patient back they are truely all about the dollars not patient care! Shannon in admin pre authorization billing is the worst

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