Mayo officially says what they have been doing for a long time, denying to see medicare patients despite record profits. The Mayo's policy likely violates the Minnesota Human Rights Act, which expressly forbids discrimination on the basis of a person's "status with regard to public assistance." 363A.12 PUBLIC SERVICES.

Subdivision 1. "It is an unfair discriminatory practice to discriminate against any person in the access to, admission to, full utilization of or benefit from any public service because of . . .

status with regard to public assistance . . . unless the public service can demonstrate that providing the access would impose an undue hardship on its operation." 363A.03,Subd.


Status with regard to public assistance. "Status with regard to public assistance" means the condition of being a recipient of federal, state, or local assistance, including medical assistance[.]"

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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In December 2016, my husband had lung cancer surgery at Mayo paid for by Medicare and our supplemental policy. Supplemental only pays if Medicare does. In January 2016, I was also tested at Mayo and Medicare and supplemental paid.

Mayo accepted those insurances without question and have never asked us for more.


Yeah, the CEO had a video leaked to the press saying this than immediately back peddled when he realized it became public and Mayo might loose all that public entitlement money.

My father got right in at Mayo until the day he was on Medicare then appointment's were out a few months immediately.

He switched to supplements and stopped going all together.

He is moving out of Rochester because the service and compassion at Mayo isn't what it was. Too much politics, no devotion to customer service.


Same here, had concussion, they made me wait a week not for ther appt but letting me know when the appt was (2 mos in advance).

Complained, but they never answered.


Exactly! My grandson has a terrible time getting appointments.

He was in Texas and got sick. The emergency room told him to see his doctor as soon as he got home.

Called Mayo clinic and nothing for a week. Medicaid in MN means inadequate care

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