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For 2 weeks i corresponded w several people there in regard to having my roomate get an opnion be has stage 4 colon cancer that metadized to his liver in 11 months he lost 60 lbs and only at 25 percent after all the time from the beginning they said no bag, well the tumot grew and bag was put on another step backwards i gave all this info on phone and kept asking for ins.and saying it was good. Well no after getting a room and having to eat out we were told no unless we have 5000. Right then. Pmusr from 8am till 915 i was i

On phone w Dr Nurse she couldnt find records i know they were sent there i called the girl that i was dealing w she traced them in computer they were in last place b4 going to Dr. So from the lowest to the higher ups tbdt need to communicate and hire right people.

I was multi tasking And i will never recommend Mayo to anyone. YOU HAVE TO BE RICH NOT MIDDLE LOWER CLASS


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I'm very sorry about your friend. Your friend is better off.

There is very good healthcare elsewhere, better care even. Mayo Clinic is not what people think it is or are led to believe. Don't look back.

Find another provider. Keep away from there.

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