They go to your house and TAKE medical RECORDS to avoid malpractice. They dont have any malpractice cases in over a decade and are nearly none for a reason.

They are liars and that is why they are "number 1". Electronic medical records = *** THE TRUTH> They are corrupt. This is the root cause of why healthcare in the US is expensive with poor outcomes for advanced countries. Greedy pigs.

This is FELONY FRAUD. If the FEDs want to lower health costs, they would be wise to *** the system and see for themself.

We have no cure because they are suppressing and oppressing the truth that points the finger at them.

Location: Amsterdam, North Holland

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Has anyone looked at the medical malpractice cases in Olmsted county lately?


I agree,my son was wronged by them and is disfigured for life and we can't find a attorney in Minn. to take his case.


Mayo Clinic is definitely corrupt! No idea how they are #1.

Crazy! They definitely lie in medical records.

You definitely can't sue them! Mayo is big business, not about patient health care.


They are "Number 1" because they manipulate the medical records and selectively choose which patient case loads they want. They spend a significant amount of their energy covering up and blaming patients for their bad outcomes.

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