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I was a patient at Mayo Clinic for 3 years. I was patient at another institution for 2 years before I went to Mayo for help. I almost bled to death several times. I was sick with a bleeding, vascular, cancerous tumor for at least 5 years.

It's a miracle I am alive. I went to Mayo Clinic hoping they could help find the source of my internal gastroientestinal bleeding that others before Mayo had failed to find. I had severe anemia that required periodic hospitalizations, blood transfusions and frequent chemotherapy visits for intravenous infusions of iron. I spent several years in the Mayo Jacksonville FL chemo unit surrounded by cancer patients and the entire time I had cancer that my Mayo Clinic Hematologist missed.

The cancer was a GIST Sarcoma, a highly vascular, bleeding, ulcerated tumor located in my small intestine which they missed on many colonoscopies, endoscopies, 2 camera pill studies, a nuclear medicine scan with radioisotopes, an angiogram with a catheter shoved up my groin which rendered my right leg groin area in paid for years and stiff, CT scans and probably tests I don't even recall. But the oncologist who treated me in NYC at Sloan Kettering said my tumor was obvious on the CT scan he did the day he met. The one and only procedure my Sloan Kettering doctor had to do to discover my cancer and he could not understand why Mayo had missed it for so long. Also, it is important to say that the hematologist insisted my anemia was because I was a woman, even though I was pratically menopausal and I told them they were barking up the wrong tree.

They even had a gynecologist say my intestinal bleeding was from my uterus which is hilarious because I had intestinal hemorrhages in the MAYO Clinic hospital with my gastroenterologist at Mayo having proof of them. Bottom line, Mayo Clinic did in fact misdiagnose my two cancers: Sarcoma and Thyroid Cancer. The entire time I am experiencing fatique and terrible anemia I also had lumps on my neck on my thyroid gland that the hematology docs ignored which turned out to be a rare, aggressive cell form of thyroid cancer. They were so dismissive and lazy.

Not long after my thyroid cancer was confirmed by a doctor outside of Mayo Clinic because Mayo would not approve me for care for my thyroid issue, Mayo terminated my care. They were afraid of me. They knew they had messed up big and I was a liability. I was a threat to the "successful patient outcomes".

It is known in the legal and medical communities that Mayo Clinic dumps patients when they mess up. And it does not stop there. Read on to learn what I have experienced with Mayo Clinic and it is absolutely, every bit true. And, my family and friends are on notice that if anything happens to me they all know where to look.

I have traveled to our nation's capitol to meet with legislators re: what happened to me and other patients. I have not stopped working to try to get legislation changed to help fellow patients. In the meantime, I am still asking...Where are the protections for patients in cases like mine or yours? Who is protecting patients and upholding our patients' rights?

How does a medical provider get away with patient abandonment of a good, well-insured and compliant patient with cancer? Money, greed, corruption and legislators who have passed legislation that now better protects medical providers and not patients. That is how. It is up to patients to fight back.

My story: First: Mayo Clinic misdiagnosed my two cancers for 3+ years. Second: They did in fact refuse me medical treatment and they did in fact violate several of my patients’ rights. Third: They have not apologized to me or tried to make things right. Fourth: Mayo Clinic does not want the public to know they misdiagnosed a patient’s two cancers Second: They did in fact refuse me medical treatment and they did in fact violate several of my patients’ rights.

Third: They have not apologized to me or tried to make things right. Fourth: Mayo Clinic does not want the public to know they misdiagnosed a patient’s two cancers. [continued below].... .....

They suppress negative patient stories. Mayo’s influence and connection with local & national media networks is far reaching. More on Mayo’s Influence below. FIFTH & Most Frightening: I have personally experienced a degree of intimidation by Mayo Clinic.

I want it for the record here & I have told my family & close friends, that if anything happens to me they know where to look. MALPRACTICE: NOTE: I did NOT want to sue Mayo Clinic for money and I have NOT sued Mayo Clinic. This was never my intention. I wanted and still want Mayo Clinic to be held accountable for violating my patients’ rights and punished for their unethical behavior.

I believe they should pay patients’ rights violations fines and that the CEO & the misdiagnosing doctors should all be required to take a compassion training and ethics course. I think malpractice is not always the answer. These people have lost their humanity and compassion for patients. They are lost souls.

They will only continue to hurt others if the state of Florida, patients, the people and legislators don’t stand up and demand change. More on how people can effect change below. The attorneys wanted to sue for malpractice and several considered trying but I had a “complicated case” they said. Some were quite intimidated by Mayo Clinic and they said it would cost them a lot of money so they were not going out on a limb for someone who wasn’t dead or almost dying--it wasn't important that I had almost bled to death and I had two cancers that do not respond to any traditional chemotherapy or radiation.

It's a miracle I am alive. However, some attorneys were gracious enough to try to help me in certain capacities and offered some guidance and advice. Those whom I consulted and who have experience with Mayo Clinic malpractice cases told me several things about Mayo Clinic and what I should understand and expect: ONE: “There was definitely ‘some negligence on Mayo’s part’-- that I did suffer delayed cancer diagnoses and misdiagnoses (that’s plural). But they “could not take my case due to the fact that my survival rate was not severely diminished and I wasn’t dying or dead from one or both of the cancers within a year or two.

That it would cost them too much money out of their own pockets to fight Mayo’s army of attorneys and it would be hard to get an oncologist on the stand to go up against his buddies.” The other important information is that “so much of Florida’s malpractice legislation that used to protect patients has been stripped away in tort reforms and greatly favors medical providers—not patients”. TWO: “They definitely violated my patients’ rights and I would have to appeal to my legislators to get the legislation actually enforced and amended—and that is an entirely whole other fight. They advised me to contact my legislators and I did. More on that below and see those photos.

THREE: That “what happened to me at Mayo Clinic is not uncommon. That we don’t hear about it because most patients are humiliated, embarrassed or they don’t think they can do anything about it or they are afraid and they are too sick to fight or they are dead or their stories are buried. And that this behavior is Mayo Clinic’s “modus operandi” to dump patients after they realize their mistakes. That “it is very damaging to their successful patient outcomes, their reputation and their bottom line to have missed and misdiagnosed someone’s cancer--and to miss two cancers, well, that’s pretty damaging”.

This attorney went on to explain to me that “Mayo Clinic has meetings where they discuss patients. Present at these meetings are doctors, risk management specialists, insurance specialists, and other assorted administrative team members. In these meetings they *** out the difficult cases and my case was red flagged as I was a risk.” To sum it up, I was punished for their mistakes. FOUR: Several attorneys said if I want to get any help with a case that I ‘need to get out of Mayo Clinic’s backyard” here in Jacksonville”.

It became apparent to me that Mayo Clinic has a great deal of influence in Jacksonville, FL and across the USA and that I was not going to get an apology from them or any justice or a fair shake at justice or even to have my story heard with the help of local media. More on that Mayo’s Influence below and the media’s suppression of my story. FLORIDA PATIENTS’ RIGHTS AND MALPRACTICE LEGISLATION: Florida Legislators Are Not Protecting the People. Patients are political pawns for greed and personal gain.

Another thing I learned since I first filed my complaint here is that the people of Florida are not protected by the Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. It is, in essence, fake legislation. Florida actually has the harshest Patients’ Rights bill in the USA. It provides for zero legal recourse, either administratively, civilly or otherwise and there is a clause in the bill that specifically states this.

The Patients’ Bill of Rights, Statute 381.026, in the state of Florida is not honored, not enforced and “was enacted for political show so the people think they are protected but they are not…that “the bill was snuck in by legislators working for the medical lobby who have a lot of money and the bill was passed under the falsehood of the fabricated, alleged medical malpractice crisis for which other legislation has been built on which benefits the providers and the insurers to the detriment of patients”. This is an actual quote from a medical malpractice professor/lawyer and has been confirmed by other legal experts I consulted with in my research. Mayo Clinic’s Influence: Intimidation Tactics, Media Presence on Social Media, Google, Yelp, and other Business Review sites. Mayo Clinic spends millions on marketing campaigns & advertising.

Mayo employs thousands of people and many of them are marketing team, social media, etc… and they work solely to effect a positive image and to bury the negative information. NEGATIVE REVIEWS ONLINE: If you write a review about your bad experience or your cancer misdiagnoses at Mayo Clinic like I have you will find your review will be hidden under the “not recommended reviews” on Google, Yelp, Health Grades, etc…You will need to re-post them and do it from a fresh IP address if you can because these sites read the IP’s. The negative reviews are suppressed on these sites, sometimes not even published and they are suppressed in search results so you have to be like a mole and keep popping up in new places to keep your story going. If you dig online, you will find that news articles about Mayo are not present since about 2010 going back.

And, if newer articles pop up, they disappear and I have found that many articles have disappeared. Mayo Clinic has worked hard since the Mayo-Florida-radiology-tech-with-hepatitis-stealing-IV-drugs-from-patients-story was published back around 2010. Mayo Clinic pays a ton of money to hide their dirt. TWO: Social Media – if you leave a comment on their Facebook page(s) they can click on “hide comment” so the public cannot view it.

THREE: Media/News – If you comment on a story about Mayo medical malpractice on a local news station’s page, they will hide the comment. If you put a link to your story or to another page’s site that has your story, they’ll hide it or remove it if they can. They don't always catch them all but most. FOUR: Intimidation—They have “people”—They will investigate you, stake out your home, follow your car, and perform intimidating tasks for the bosses & God knows what else.

These people are not messing around and I have received their message loud and clear. This intimidation came on the heels (but may have been sooner) of my publicly protesting in front of Mayo Clinic on the street and my travels to Capitol Hill and the Florida Capitol to meet with my state senators and congressional reps, or was it possibly the congressional inquiry that was submitted on my behalf by a congressman or was it my interviews with news reporters who had the story shut down or was it that TV news team who were on their way that day to see me at the protest then were told not to broadcast my story? Or was it my promise to never go quietly away? Bottom line, Mayo Clinic scares me.

Note: a congressional representative’s aide told my husband & me in a meeting at the Florida Capitol that “Mayo Clinic is very powerful. Be careful. Watch yourself.” HINDSIGHT: I should have run but I trusted them. They were the doctors.

I was the patient. Remembering the words of my Mayo Clinic GI doctor I saw for 3 years at Mayo--it occurred to me that he was aware something was going on in my case. He had said “I think the way you are being treated here is not right. I am going to discuss your case with the board at our next meeting.” This was right after I was in the hospital again at Mayo for another internal hemorrhage from a bleeding, cancerous tumor in my small intestines that docs have now missed and misdiagnosed and insisted was gynecological.

They did not listen to me. The hematologist and gyn docs were dismissive & pompous. They had to label me with something so they slapped me w/ a wrong diagnosis. I sat in chemo units for years, getting IV’s for anemia, surrounded by cancer patients & all those years I had cancer.

Anyway, I really did not understand what the GI doc meant at the time but it came later that he knew something was not right & he was trying to help me I think. It was finally my GI doc who did help find my first cancer. I am grateful to him and I want him to know I think he is a good man & a good doctor. I know he tried.

Heartfelt thanks Dr. MP in Gastroenterology on Mayo Clinic’s 6th floor, Davis Bldg. There are many good people at Mayo but when they make mistakes, the patients are not always treated fairly & this is directly related to the culture created by the leadership of Mayo Clinic. A good, compassionate leader would not allow patients to be treated the way he treated me.

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If you are experiencing problems with your medical care, lack of diagnosis or you think you’re being misdiagnosed. Find a better doctor. Make it happen.

Don’t waste time. HELP AMEND & ENFORCE FLORIDA PATIENTS’ BILL OF RIGHTS CALL/EMAIL/WRITE your congressional leaders/senators and ask them to amend Statute 381.026, Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights and to enforce the people’s rights. Ask them to fine providers who violate patients’ rights and to create a review board to review & investigate violators.

Require ethics and compassion education for violators. Restore compassion and humanity to Florida healthcare and demand justice for patients harmed by malpractice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: My rights as a human being & patient were violated. My medical care was abandoned which is a Federal patients' rights violation. I trusted Mayo Clinic and they threw me away without regard for my life or the outcomes of my cancers..

Monetary Loss: $500000.

Preferred solution: An apology from the CEO & doctors they must take compassion training courses..

Mayo Clinic Cons: Uncaring leadership who doesnt put patients first.

Location: 4500 San Pablo Road South, Jacksonville, FL 32224, USA

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@Wyona Gty

Florida Laws are for the rich and corporations ..They don't protect citizens...It is a bad place to get services...I know this by experience....I went to the Mayo clinic once and I wont go back there any more. The doctor was unprofessional and had wrong information on my diagnosis even when hospital sent him the records ahead of time..

he lied in his report . I have never seen something like it...


If you really think someone is following you etc., remember ; Florida is a concealed carry state and you have every right to defend yourself if it comes to that.


Thank you. I am aware of this.

I am not afraid of these people. The proper authorities are aware of everything. It is in writing and I have spoken with them.

I won't be intimidated by anyone. If anything happens to me people know exactly where to look.


I too was abandoned by the Mayo Clinic as a patient. About two years ago I had orbital decompression surgery for Graves eye disease.

That surgery went fine. While I was recovering a dr. Garrity informed me that I would need eye muscle surgery also. Prior to this surgery I was able to see out of my left eye.

After having this surgery my left I looked as if it had been mutilated and I was completely blind. I complained about my condition on the Mayo Clinic website. Shortly after I registered this complaint I received a phone call from a woman who said she was part of the patient care department at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. I told her about my condition and she acted as if she was very concerned and told me that she would reach out to dr.

Garrity. I never heard from her again. About a week later I received a letter from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota stating that there would no longer be any appointments available. In other words, they dumped me as a patient.

This is completely unethical.

I believe it is also Criminal. Those of us who have been abandoned and mistreated by the male clinic need to keep up the good fight and expose this institution.


Dear Anonymous (#133****),

I am so sorry you went through this and you lost your eyesight in your left eye. I can't imagine how hard that has to be but you have my heartfelt apologies and sympathy.

I do understand the heartbreak, humiliation and disappointment of having a medical provider like Mayo Clinic abandon my care and treatment. It is very unethical and hurtful. Abandoning patients after Mayo Clinic makes mistakes completely contradicts Mayo Clinic's mission statement and values that state the patient comes first. Well, I have to say, you and I and many other patients are not the first to experience misdiagnosis, negligence or the abandonment of our care at Mayo Clinic's in Florida, Arizona or Minnesota.

There are many of us. We do not hear about many of those like us for various reasons. Some are frightened to speak up, some are too sick or dead to tell their stories or some just let it go or they believe they cannot stand up to a giant like Mayo Clinic. I have been told verbatim by legal experts that it is "Mayo Clinic's modus operandi to terminate patients' care when Mayo makes mistakes.

It is extremely rare for Mayo Clinic to look at a patient, apologize and actually be accountable. So with this, I ask you and the many other patients with this type of heartbreaking experience to please tell your story to your legislators in your districts within your state and city or counties. Don't let it go. If you need help finding your legislator(s) I will help you locate them.

Write letters, call them and obtain appointments to meet in person with your congressional representatives, senators and state house representatives. It is your right and their duty to listen and try to help you. Do not be dissuaded otherwise. Our legislators are responsible for enforcing our patients' rights and ensuring that patients receive the medical care they have a right to receive.

It is their job and it was Mayo Clinic's job to stand by you (us) as patients in need and do the right thing--not dump us, or refuse to right what they did wrong. They have an ethical duty to provide compassionate, competent, proper medical care. When will the CEO of Mayo Clinic, John Noseworthy learn to step up and do the right thing for patients in need? When will he realize that an apology and compassion can deflect malpractice lawsuits and avoid damage to Mayo Clinic's reputation when he leads in the manner in which the founders of Mayo Clinic set forth?

"The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered..." Dr. Noseworthy knows and many people within the medical, legal and legislative communities are well aware of the lack of compassion and harsh treatment of patients nationwide that Mayo Clinic is fast becoming known for. It is time for Dr.

Noseworthy to muster up some humility, empathy and compassion and apologise and make things rights. Not every patient will remain silent.

@Wyona Gty

Mayo's mission statement "the patient comes first" is nothing more than OrwellIan doublethink. The truth is "the bottom line comes first" so a new wing or building can happen with prestige.

@Wyona Gty

The problem is deeper. Mayo is deeply tied to the drug companies and Noseworthy is considering his nomination to stand on Merck's board of directors.

Mayo gets millions from clinical trials and has drug company scientists all over campus with the revolving door from Mayo to drug companies to FDA to CDC. Mayo is constantly lobbying to get more regulations which means more power, money, and control. If they actually spent time listening to patients fixing the alleged mistakes, they may make important discoveries if not cures that aren't profitable since many important discoveries happen in error.

Most importantly, if the public found out that they are humans capable of error they wouldn't go.

At the end of the day they are utilitarians who only care about what they perceive as the greater good and if you are a victim of risk you are to be discarded as your hurting their stats for profit needed to 'help' more people. However, we can never know if they are helping the greater good if they won't quantify and admit to error and injury for the record.


You are absolutely correct. It goes beyond just drug companies.


I realize I am probably going to get crucified for asking but could you scan and post the letter staying "there would be no longer be any appointments available."

We have only had good treatment at Mayo Rochester but agree dumping a patient is wrong. Please show evidence of that fact.

I am so sorry for the loss of your sight.


I'm sorry you had to go through all this--bless your heart. My son went to Mayo in Jacksonville--they discharged him with an IV needle still stuck in his arm--he pulled it out on his way home!!!


As one dude to another - "that's awesome" I hope his buddies saw him pull that needle out.

Seriously though, that sucks big-time.

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