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Untreated post-operative pain. I have been a chronic pain patient for 4 years.

I took myself off of all medications in july, 2016 because i knew id need surgery on my spine. I had an acdf at level c6-7 and a laminectomy at level c5-6. I had surgery on jan.12, so i am 10 days post-op and i habe no pain meds. The surgeon sent me home with hydrocodone 5/325.

Didnt come close to helping. The next script was hydrocodone 10/325. This helped until my tolerance returned. My doc gave me 60 pills and said i could take 6 a day, no help.

I feel i am being punished and treated unfairly.

Untreated acute pain leads to so many problems. I wish i had some recourse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sue them. The need it.147.091 GROUNDS FOR DISCIPLINARY ACTIONSubdivision 1.

Grounds listed. The board may...impose disciplinary action as described in section 147.141 against any physician.The following conduct is prohibited and is grounds for disciplinary action:3.

Conduct that demonstrates a willful or careless disregard for the health, welfare, or safety of a patient;(4) medical practice that is professionally incompetent; and(5) conduct that may create unnecessary danger to any patient's life, health, or safety, in any of which cases, proof of actual injury need not be established.(s). “failure to properly prescribe a drug...”

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