Mayo clinic rochester and florida are the world wide evil monster thiefs They openly tell the patients if you have obama care,"mayo clinic will not treat you fully or will refuse to treat you. Mayo clinic badmouth president obama and obama care.

Mayo clinic are violating patients rights to be treated.mayo clinic will order unnecesary pet scans to rip-off insurance companies, and they cover malpractice doctors coleagues. Mayo clinic are the isis terrorists against obama care. They must be audited by obama care and shut them down and let moffit clinic take over because their priority its to save a life and they will not steal money from the health insurance, nor will curse president obama.. mayo clinic hire dirty lawyers to sue and get illegal judgements to rob patients who were victims of mayo clinjc malpractice;after they have ordered pet scan,which were no necesary, then mayo clinic go and squeme to rob the victimizrd patient.

They get millions of donations, goverment funds and rob the health insurance, rob patients who were ripp off and abused by mayo cljnic, by charging mounstrous amount of dlls for a simple illness, but if a persons is dying and has obama care they refuse to treat them properly. Mayo cljnic abuses the system, victimized patients, and curses president ibama character and obama care.

Warning mayo clinic administrators must be fired, and hire humans with compasion and ethical doctors,and finance honest employees. Cc president obama and obama care teamt

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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It is also hard to get an appointment if you have medicare. I had to wait in pain for 7 weeks!

The VA is better than this! That is because they are make medicare go to the back of the line to get the more profitable customers first.


Mayo Clinic believes they are untouchable. Turn them in. To your insurance company and state insurance commissioner.


I wish this person knew how to use correct grammar. But.....they are not educated so its acceptable.


Sometimes cell phones auto correct all wrong and make it hard to type.


Anyone that has a Obamacare is a government leech. They should attempt to work and get decent hospitalization but they prefer to lay back and expect the government to take care of them.

The Mayo clinic is correct in not taking government leeches for treatment.

You get what you pay for and if you want good medical care you need to pay. Other working people who contribute to our society should not be taxed to pay for government leeches to get the same care as they work for


Many on Obamacare do have jobs and cannot get healthcare. Others are borderline disabled from poor medical treatment. Mayo will still make money, the just wouldnt make as much.


Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL misdiagnosed my neighbors 2 cancers! They literally missed a cancerous tumor in this woman's intestines thats a very serious cancer.

Then they they missed her thyroid cancer and neither one of the cancers can be treated with chemotherapy or radiation! She almost died from a bleeding tumor and i cannot tell you how many times she was in the hospital with life threatening bleeding because the terrible doctors she had missed it. If this wasn't bad enough when our neighbor asked the patient advocates at mayo for help when she wasn't getting better they did not help her but went into defense mode and told my neighbor they weren't going to treat her anymore which is a joke according to my neighbor because she had already left Mayo and went to Sloan Kettering cancer hospital for her surgery because she did not trust Mayo anymore and wasn't about to let them cut her open. I am appalled at the way my neighbor and friend was mistreated and misdiagnosed by this overrated place.

I would never go to Mayo Clinic if my life depended on it.

This is a true story folks. You can read it at Shameonmayoclinic (dot)com


They have no incentive to correctly diagnose on the first go around. They tried to get as many patients through the shoot as possible.

In their own words, 26% of diagnosis are wrong. The means big bucks to string patients along and jack rates up as it creates a shortage.

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