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I have been receiving Botox treatments @ the Eau Claire Mayo Hospital for some time every three months, I have been dealing with these severe headaches for the past six years in the back of my skull in which it was determined when I worked in Health Care for nearly 25 years ago was working on a psychiatric floor and I and another staff were attacked my co-worker was able to get away, but before she could get into the office, I was getting the *** beat out of me, I was kicked in the head / stomach and finally hit over the head in which I was unconscious I was placed in the Hospital for over 2 weeks and had no idea of who I was or did not know my parents when they came to visit me. I had gone into a deep depression and ever since that I was placed on hundreds of psychiatric medications to help with my depression I was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety issues. I came back to work at the facility, but was put on another floor where the patients were not dangerous. I worked with several clients and patients I was also put to schooling do to what I went through to improve myself and to return to the company and was promoted with a much higher position in which I worked with several people from Nursing home patients and clients. My concern for these individual I took to heart, I could hear them crying in there rooms from time to time and I would go in and sit with them and asked them why are you crying? They had told me that they lost there farms / homes and anything that they owned and was all taken away from them just so they could be placed into a nursing home for care. My heart went out to each of these individuals; Our hospitals and clinics and health care is nothing but a blood sucking company that will take everything that these people worked for all of there lives and was taken away from there at a blink of a eye. I am 55 years old and as I have stated I worked in Health Care for 25 plus years and between 2008 - **** my memory was failing I had no idea what was happening to me. My last job was working with the physically challenged clients getting them out of the facility and getting them to live in group homes / apartments / finding jobs for them and hiring of staff to work with these individuals I loved my job and these physically challenged clients NEVER were ever out of the facility until our program began the change of there lives. They never were in a grocery store or shopping center and there eyes would just light up when introducing them to the outside world. This was the best feeling it gave me a warm heart that I was part of all of this. I remember taking clients to a store and people would be walking down the same ile and the people who were coming down that ile would turn around and go down another ile I would turn my clients around and follow those individuals and I would say to them you do not have to be afraid of my clients they all have names and are experiencing being out in public for the first time in there lives; I informed the individuals they all have names in which my clients introduced themselves to these individuals and they began to have conversations. One of my clients said "What are you buying today" She said "Well I love birds and I am looking for a new bird feeder and some seed to feed them" Another client said "I have a bird feeder outside my home and I go out each day to add a little more food to there bird feeder. You have no idea how this made me feel even at the cash register the staff were very friendly and my clients would pay for there own items using there own money with the assistance of the person at the cash register as time went on more and more people would recognize my clients and greet them by there first name and stop and the client may even give them a hug this was a wonder feeling more and more of our clients were placed in group homes / apartment settings some of the higher functioning clients could live with a roommate at be checked on and make sure that they had enough food and were taught how to clean there apartments and do there own laundry and go for walks in the towns which they lived in and were taught about stopping at the curve and check both ways for traffic and how to cross a street. I loved my job until my memory began to fail, I would ask my wife at different times did I get fired from my job? she said "No you stepped down from your many years of service because I was ending up in different towns in which I did work, but would be found by the police and was taken home because my memory was failing and didn't know what was going on around me.

I was married for nearly 22 years and have seven children and seven grandchildren who I have not seen in years they all turned against me due to my health conditions all of my children attended college and have graduated with the highest degrees, Some of them have gotten married in which I was not invited which broke my heart. I lived in a group home due to my memory issues and had a social worker from the county in which she was with me for nine years, but due to The Governor of Wisconsin cutting programs at the court house in which I lost the service of my Social Worker who would help me with legal documents and went with me to see my lawyer due to my wife divorced me which took four years it was a terrible thing to go through I love each and every one of my children and the grandchildren I once new and new ones I have never met or even met the new spouses. I have been in therapy for several years and at times I don't even know why I am even living, My counselor has helped me deal with my emotions and how to work things out.

My reason for writing to you is that I was receiving Botox treatments from Dr. Spritzer here on the Neurology Department. Before that I had gone through so many treatments and met so many doctors and specialists who tried to help me, but there was no diagnosis for my condition I was hospitalized on three different occasions I was eventually admitted to the floor the pain was so extreme / I have fainting spells / uncontrolled vomiting I was unable to eat or take my medication I was outside going to my mailbox to retrieve my mail, And became so dizzy I would faint and could not get back up on my feet. So the postal carriers would bring my mail to my door at times I would faint in the hallway where they assisted me into getting me into my apartment found some crackers and Gatorade with electrolytes because my body doesn't make enough electrolytes they new everything about me and have thanked them so many times for the assistance. I am only 55 years old, I can not take a bus or go anywhere without a special van service to get me to and from my apartment.

I wrote to the CEO of Mayo Clinic & Hospital in the cities when a new program came out and the trial place to try out this program was here in Eau Claire, WI I began with a Coordinator and was the first patient to be on the list to have Doctors / Specialists who wanted to meet me due to my rare illnesses and could not figure out or pin point what was going on with me, I informed them that I have been living with these extreme head aches and the other symptoms they tried medications which never worked I had steroid injections in the base of the skull which never worked and tried all type of other types of therapy and had doctors stand over my hospital bed and say; We don't know what is wrong with me and have done all the blood work that they could do, My sisters pleaded with these doctors to do specialized tests in which were told for him to have these tests he would have to come in to the clinic to have further testing, but were unable to perform any further tests because they these tests are all done through the clinic I informed these doctors then wheel me outside of the hospital and wheel me into the *** clinic and due these tests and all they would say that's not how it works. Can you believe I was mistreated by this Hospital I may still have my lawyer sue Mayo Hospital on the way I was mistreated by several doctors. I was put on strong narcotics, but once I left the hospital the drugs ended once I checked out. How was I to maintain my life I could not I would crawl on my hands and knees to get around due to the fainting and could not stand I had garbage cans near me at all times to vomit my guts out.

Now I am pissed that in July of 2917 a new charge was added to our bills which was a $50.00 increase $10.00 as my co-pay and $40.00 just for walking in the door to go and have my Botox treatments. My co-pays for this treatment that works for me was $10.00, but insurance companies and hospitals became greedy increasing the costs $40.00 just for me to walk into the Hospital Entrance. And my Medica Insurance informed me that my amount that I will now need to pay for these treatments are 20% for the remainder of which comes to $649.00 plus the $50,00 which charged as a $10.00 copay and $40.00 is charged just for me to walk into the Hospital entrance which comes to a total of $699.00 where in the *** am I suppose to come up with this money??? my SSI check is like $1,100 and they take a deduction for Medicare the rest goes for $530.00 for rent and need to pay for electric which comes to around $100.00 and comes down to $470.00 My Medica copay is $92.00 I am on nearly 17 medications in which I pick and choose which ones I need the rest of the money is gone. I go without eating or look around the dumpster for food because I can not afford to buy food, sometimes I find food some times I just drink water and sleep a lot I can not afford to go to my counseling sessions. There are many days I say to God please take me now I don't want to live like this; My rent keeps increasing I am not qualified for any financial assistance due to the cuts in Health Care. This is a awful country I now know how other people live on the streets and I will be next I have missed payments due to trying to get my medications my bills keep raising with Humana Pharmacy one of my medications is almost $185.00 I no longer can not afford and have run out of many of my medications and I will be out on the streets very soon due to my lease is going up to now $580.00 I am tired of living like this and I worked in a professional field for so many years and never ever thought that this would be my life. I paid into Social Security and I just hope the rest of you who make seven figures will be in my shoes and loose everything that you worked so hard for. It takes a blink of an eye and put into a hospital it changes your entire life from ambulances to helicopter taking you to the hospital in which I refused and begged the cops to take me because I will be charged so much money, but they would say they can start a IV I told them you either take me in your cop car or leave me stay right here and die, because I can not live like this anymore. Mayo Clinic and Hospital you need to put some extreme changes in the way the billing system due the codes for charges when I was hospitalized I had to bands on my arms with sku numbers just like at your local Walmart and anytime I had to take my medication they would take what I called a price gun and click it to read and charge me and the other arm was for items such as for tooth paste a box of Kleenex. I would tell the Nurses: Attention we need a clean up in ile four they said "they never heard that one before and laugh" All I am asking is to lower the costs for treatments for people on Medicare and Secondary Insurance which I have which is suppose to pick up the cost of what Medicare does not. But the Insurance companies are charging more as well as the Hospital and Clinic at mayo clinic is doing the same. I don't have a savings, As I stated I have seven children in which all of my children have college educations and have wonderful jobs, my oldest son is a Health Teacher / My Second son is a engineer who designs fire trucks / My Third daughter works for the State / My fourth son is a Trainer for the Wisconsin Badgers / My Fifth daughter is a Social Worker / My sixth son 4nd year at UW-Wisconsin / My Seventh son is a 2nd year at UW-Wisconsin I am proud of all of my children, but have lost contact with them due to all of my health issues and other mental illnesses

I ask you what reasons do I have to live? There certainly none that I can think of I go in to the Hospital to have a CAT Scan my third one within the last three years the Pulmonary doctor found nodules on my lung three years ago and was told they were to small to have a biopsy, I went in the next year the nodules had covered the entire lung and began to cover the second lung and still was told that they were to small for a biopsy, I have waited another year my copay was $10.00 now has increased over a $180.00 for this copay to find out if I have cancer. At this point in my life I really don't care anymore and if it is cancer in which I have been very ill I feel that it will be positive and will not go through kemo or radiation there is no way I will be able to pay for these treatments which cost thousands of dollars. I am will no longer be going to see the pulmonary doctor he cancelled on me two other times and this time will no longer be there to tell me if it is cancer or not. I already informed that CAT Scan department to have someone call me from the Pulmonary Department with the results and that I will be dammed that I will set up another appointment with this idiot Doctor who has made me wait three years for these nodules to spread to both lungs and I plan on seeing a my Attorney due to the way I have been treated by not only one Pulmonary Doctors, but by three Pulmonary Doctors who could give a *** about my health and all they are worried about is earning there six figure amounts of money which has bleed people dry!!!! This is the conclusion of this message to the CEO I have been mistreated I have been over charged in different areas; talking to the billing department is like they are air heads they can not give me a straight answer they can't tell me anything. I have currently filed a second grievance against Mayo Hospital & Clinic my rights have been not met and have been pushed aside from so many doctors and specialists I have been accused of been drug seeking in which was a total lie. I was told if I didn't like the care I was receiving I could go somewhere else. I have rights and I will use my rights along with my attorney to get heard about the way I have been mistreated from being a patient in the hospital and having doctors telling that we can not perform certain tests unless you come in through the clinic then we can perform these other tests. I have never heard something so crazy in my 25 plus years of working in health care myself.

I am tired of having doctors yelling at me in which I had a witness to I have been fainting and vomiting in which my Social Worker brought me into see the doctor and informed me that there was nothing I can do. And my Social Worker spoke up and said "he is dehydrated take him to the Emergency room to get IV fluids and they will send him home, but they didn't sent me home they admitted me I was admitted three times for the same types of symptoms and every time I was placed in a room they put me under observation because they did not know what was wrong with me. I am asking you to help change the system and make people as myself to help make these procedures affordable as they were the past two years at least I was able to make those copays and now I know I will not be able to afford the large amounts that I have been informed that I will have to pay such as the Botox treatments that do work and I thanked Dr. Spritzer over and over for his help and I even told people who were dealing with severe headaches this procedure is a break through in modern medicine and I thank God that Dr. Spritzer accepted me under his program of giving those injections my fear is that the headaches will come back again.

Thomas Burzynski

2917 Winsor Dr.

Apt 206

Eau Claire, WI 54703

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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