the wrong chemo made him very ill and set him backwards and he did't ever recover from it also they had him scheduled for 5 radiation treatments and only did one because I put him in Hospice... the one radiation burned so badly he never had a moment the rest of his life which was a total of six weeks of ***! they also put in kidney tube in each kidney when he already had stints in each kidney which made his life more miserable and uncomfortable and mine since I was the one who had change the dressing every and had to also empty the bags every couple of hours which means we didn't get much sleep , also he sobbed a lot from the relentless pain from the badly burned leg...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Chemotherapy Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 201-299 3rd St SW, Rochester, MN 55902, USA

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Definitely contact a malpractice attorney. Radiation with metal rod implanted?!

They cooked him!

How horrible, prayers out to both of you. Lawsuit is justified.


Contact a malpractice attorney in your area and go from there.

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