god,please give me the words to begin... hello...

my name is rich heaser i am originally from the rochester area,I've lived in st.louis for about twenty years.i came back home about ten years ago,for health reasons.I've been in the moving industry for over twenty years,and again came back home to get medical attention.i didn't have medical insurance at the time and was revered to the salvation army free clinic.where i was under the care of several mayo clinic doctors,as a child i had some kidney issues and had at the time an unbelievable pain in my stomach and lower back.the doctors put me on 36 hundred m.g of gabapentin and oxycotin for the pain,later i found out that this much was terribly bad for my kidneys.after two years of seeing the doctors they authorized free testing at the clinic,where they essentially found nothing.shortly after that i was driving taxi cab here in rochester and the pain was so bad,i ended up in st.marys er.

where they found that i needed a triple a,was in kidney failure and had bladder cancer.during the triple a surgery something went wrong,and i ended up developing a stomah which i still have today.im now receiving dialysis three times a week,and am waiting to receive surgery for the stomah.i just wish my health had been as important,again... as my name,birth date and clinic #!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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