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| map-marker Gainesville, Georgia

My daughter died

My 23 yr old daughter was at risk for blood clots. She had a family history- was overweight- had a surgery in August- fractured her ankle in September- her last *** appt with Mayo was Oct -13th - no d-dimer - no order for aspirin- no ultrasound- not even a squeeze test to examine for blood clots. She died on Oct 21,2022 from a pulmonary embolism
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User's recommendation: Request surveillance testing for blood clots

map-marker Chicago, Illinois

A rejecter Cardiologist will call you and this cell phone visit they will bill you 175.00 YES did you hear this !!!! and they don't tell you you are paying to talk to this. negative

Just don't go hear maybe for the young, but they don't want to make a longer life for a senior and charge you a cell phone call that costs 175.00 instead of you being rejected in person.
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User's recommendation: Don't except 175.00 phone charge when they don't tell you and and would reject you for elimination of your LIFE.

Gary A Ond
map-marker Woodbury, Minnesota


I could not find a complaint venue at Minnesota Oncology. Since you are partners, perhaps you can forward it to the correct person. I would like to share an encounter with Dr. Schwerkoske, Woodbury location, that I found quite troubling and inexplicable. I have been a patient of his since 2003. He presided over my successful chemo process and has been my contact since the beginning of my cancer adventure. I have lost track of the number of times that I have reported for testing and then the follow-up with the conclusion being no trace of my original malady, Waldenstroms macroglobulinemia. My most recent follow-up was on 9/8/21. Cancer-free was I again. Subsequently, I noticed that lymph nodes on the right side of my chest and neck were enlarging. I went to my primary, and he suggested that I see my oncologist. Testing again on 3/18/22, again no cancer. But the doctor ordered a biopsy, and the result was low-grade B-cell lymphoma with plasmacytic differentiation. The problem, I could not get the results, so I did not know that I was a cancer patient again. I called Schwerkoskes nurse for the results but only was told that he had left a short note saying that the results were consistent with the disease. The nurse said that he did not want to schedule an appointment. Imagine my confusion and displeasure. I said I wanted an appointment and scheduled one. Meanwhile, after several tries, I was able to see my biopsy results by driving out to Woodbury. (Allina would not give them to me in person, they said I needed to write a letter. I asked Woodbury MOHPA to just tell me the results and, of course, they wouldn't provide them.) But at that point, I knew the results, and I was appalled. Schwerkoske, aware that new cancer had appeared, did not want to discuss it, did not want to make an appointment to decide how to go forward, nothing like that, he just wanted me to go away. While I am told that that was not malpractice, I think it was at least criminal doctoring. And again, note that this incident was after an amicable (I thought) nearly twenty-year doctor-patient relationship. He seemed rational when I interacted with him on 3/18/22, but I wonder if he has issues of some sort. And I wonder if other patients have had similar interactions with him? Finally, I would ask, does this encounter reflect the standard or practice at Minnesota Oncology in 2022?
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Preferred solution: I am merely doing an FYI regarding your new partner, MOHPA.

Duane R Lpp
map-marker Jacksonville, Florida

Poor ervice

I set an appointment with them about 3 weeks ago for them to call me at 8:45 AM on July 9, 2021. They never called. I thought they were a first class outfit!
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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Kristen R Jie

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Mayo clinic demands a $5000 charge up front to even be seen!!!!!

This fee is a fee not a deposit or an amount that goes towards your deductible or medical expenses... for my ex husband who has been battling with 2 CSF leaks in his spine/brain since having a cyst removed in July of 2018, and living on disability only for last 3 is impossible to pay. He manages to pay his living expenses and his medical insurance with very little monies left over. He has been to many doctors in Houston and had many blood patches (which is what they commonly do to help CSF leaks) but to no help...he doesn't sleep well, he has a hard time keeping food down (as a result has lost a great amount of weight) he is dizzy, and suffers from horrible headaches daily....not too mention horrible seizures off and on...We heard there is a doctor by the name of Dr. Marsh that has cured a friend of a friends CFS leak and has cured many others...however when we checked into process it is apparent to us that this is only a cure for the wealthier patients...and not to the ones that are on disability and have no means of coming up with this $5000 nor traveling expenses or deductiblles that are inevitable with going to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota.
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  • That dr marsh may be able to cure my x husband
  • That its unaffordable

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Melinda L Zhn

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I was denied care and told that I would die