I have been inflicted with chronic osteomyelitis and have received zero treatment. I’ve had stints of 3 months and 4 months in a hospital and still have 2 open wounds on my body 7 years later and they haven’t closed.

Was on SSI and they couldn’t treat me, and actually took me off of it. I have received nothing except long hospital stays and zero help. I lost a job, House, and my entire life to this disease, it continues to destroy me. Nobody has chosen to reach out and help me.

I figured there would be a clinic to help me or at least try to save my life. Nope. For someone with no job they needed 5 grand for a consult down. Didn’t care one bit about my medical issues, cared about getting paid.

They’ve been added to a lawsuit I have going where everyone has chosen to let someone die over help. They are ***.

They are trash. They are money grubbing pieces of ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you go, do exActly as told. If you disagree at any time just be ready to walk away.

Patient experience, is not a patient ombudsman or a complaint office, if you fuss.

If you suggest an improvement, even if you are a total Mayo cheerleader, as I was. You will be dumped on your *** with no healthcare at all.


Try NIH undiagnosed disease program. I also went to Mayo in 2016 with a rare disorder and wasn't able to get any help and only stuck with the bill as well.

I was very disappointed.

The doctor lied to me , then I was discharged as a patient a month later . Thanks Mayo

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