Mayo sucks. I think they had their mind made up what I "had" (or didn't have) before I even arrived!

Neurology report said that the doctor felt I didn't put forth any effort on muscle strength testing (which probably means he thinks it's "all in my head"). Then when I had my swallowing test, they watched a pill get stuck in my esophagus and even commented on it asking me if I could feel it. Then they had the nerve to tell me that the swallowing test was normal! Here's a hint: Don't give them too many symptoms.

Doctors hate that and they don't know the answers so they say it's all in your head.

Tackle one or two things at a time. Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayo Clinic Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same thing happened with me. I expected more from the "experts" when I traveled to Minnesota.

However, I am closer to a diagnosis, but it was not the one I was given there. I was treated with respect by some doctors and healthcare workers and others treated me like I was there for disability. I have a high paying job.

It was not my plan in going there. I had to challenge the doctor and not settle with what I was told and to do so I had to educate myself about medical diagnosis.


Their neurology department is horrible. They undermine patient complaints, are arrogant and could care less about finding the problem. Just a money grab of ordering a battery of tests and robbing insurance plans for as much cash that is paid out.


My son was misdignosed and gave wrong medicine and delay his treatment. None of the medication was correct.

We find it out till family doctor change another specialist. We traveled from far away and spent a lot of saving.

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