1st visit to Dr.Thomas Osborn went relatively well. Second visit this past year (09/30/20) experienced a shorter time frame with him &;; no change in meds or any new recommendations.

However, as of yesterday (01/28/21) I was informed by a NURSE! of a drastic change to my med protocol. Four months passed since my visit to Osborn & no word from him about any change. He had ample opportunity to discuss a "possible" change in my meds but did not mention a word to myself & my husband who was with me.

I was completely shocked when I received a phone call from this rn giving me this info in less than a diplomatic way whereas it should have come from him when we were in his office on 09/30/20.

She also added in her "directive" that "I could go to another facility to get my micophenolate." This last nasty comment was completely inappropriate.

I had left a msg with his new secretary & all I received from her was a list of nurse calls which I did not initiate. My final comment he was derelict in his function as a doctor in discussing this serious change personally with me when I was care.

User's recommendation: When I was at Mayo in Rochester in 2015 the rheumatologist & especially the neuro surgeon were fantastic. This included his nurse. Mayo has changed a great deal since. Drastically changed in a negative way. FIND ANOTHER HOSPITAL!

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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